Wednesday, August 3, 2011

St. Louis.


That's really going to be the only thing I remember about St. Louis in a few years. Heat like I've never felt before. I remember the thermometer hitting about 101 in Austin during ACL, but it was a bit drier, and there was a breeze, and it cooled off at night. And, oh yeah, I wasn't wearing layers of motorcycle gear.

It was 102 in St. Louis when I pulled in, but I took an ice cold shower and changed into street clothes after arriving, thinking I'd go out at the evening aroumd 6:30, and walk around the city.

It was 102 in St. Louis when I left the hotel at 6:30, and 99 when I got back in at 10:15. It was humid and hazy, anything over three or four blocks away was almost invisible. I didamage to drag myself down to the banks of the Mississippi, where I was awe'd by the Gateway to the West Arch. Totally worth the trip up, too. I then attempted to ise the St. Louis public transportation system to get some food, but wound up walking about 2 miles when a station cloaed. By the time I got to the restaurant I was going, it was closed. So was everything else, too.

After getting a very sudden and distinct feeling that I was not in the best part of towm at the best time, I called a cab, and ate some ribs at the hotel restauraunt. And know  BEST RIBS EVER. Seriously. The meat just fell off the bone, very little fat, and juat enough sweetly smokey sauce. As always, its best to follow the Hitchhikers creed of "DON'T PANIC".

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