Monday, June 13, 2011

Escape Route

I've finished drawing up the basic outline of my trip; that is, where I plan to end up each night. Now, where I'll be STAYING each night is a bit up in the air. Here is stage one of the trip, via Google Maps:

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I leave on the 31st of July. Each stop represents a day of travel. The first day is the longest of the trip; I just want to put some miles between myself and Cambridge while I'm fresh, and there is nothing to see that I haven't already seen in 25 years. I plan on camping in Allagany St. forest the first night, then heading out to Ypsilanti/Detroit (8/1) to visit my brother. Then its on to Chicago (8/2) (a city, much to my shame, I've never been in!), St. Louis (8/3)(to see the Gateway to the West!), Topeka (8/4)(because its there), Burlington, CO (8/5) (I don't want to spend TWO nights in Kansas), Golden, CO (8/6) (to be on the west side of Denver in the morning). I'm most excited about seeing my brother, as well as Chicago and St. Louis. Despite my vegetarianism/veganism, I'm sure I'll have to get some ribs in St. Louis...mmmmm

Then the REAL trip begins:

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From Golden, I'll take the scenic route across the Rocky Mountains and the Continental Divide, staying the night in Grand Junction (8/7). I plan on finding the most touristy, "Old West" tavern in town and drinking whiskey. Then to Utah (8/8)(another state I've never been in) to Bryce Canyon, supposedly one of the most beautiful places on earth. From the natural beauty of God (and Joseph Smith's) own country, I go to the city of Man; Las Vegas (8/9). Neon lights, prostitutes, blue-haired old women humping the American dream at 4 in the morning. I can't wait. From Las Vegas, a straight burn to Los Angeles (8/10), hopefully taking my time riding the canyons to the east of the city.

Then its a lazy trip up to San Francisco, up route 1; Pismo beach (8/11), then Carmel (8/12), then SF (8/13). Hopefully camping the whole way.

If anybody knows some good sites to see along the way, or a place to crash for the night, please let me know!

- Mark

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  1. Squid! We have fabulous friends in St. Louis - let me know if we should connect you.
    Elaine Spitz